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Achieving a balance between competition and collaboration in the YL classroom – an #ELTchat summary (30/01/13)

Many thanks to Noreen Lam who contributed this summary. You can follow her on Twitter here.      On Wednesday January 30, we kicked off an #ELTchat session at 21.00GMT talking about achieving a balance between competition and collaboration in the YL classroom.  I was extra excited since this was something that I had been mulling…
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How do you approach teaching one-to-one lessons? Share strategies, tips, techniques #ELTchat Summary 16/02/2011

Here is the summary for the second #ELTchat on 16.02.11 written by Ceri Jones (@cerirhiannon on Twitter) on her blog and reproduced here with her permission – Many thanks Ceri!   #eltchat summary – teaching one-to-one   This week’s eltchat session at 9pm was about strategies, tips and techniques for approaching one-to-one classes.  As always it was a…
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ELTchat Review – Personal Development and Discipline

This week saw two very popular themes being discussed on #ELTchat.  Although discipline tends to be regarded as a topic in the secondary system, issues are not unknown in adult teaching.  Greta Sandler joined us from Argentina to review the session.   Our Blog post of the Week is the intriguingly-titled “bona to vada your…
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