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The Next Big Thing – what is it? Is ELT becoming a fad-driven profession #ELTchat Summary 20/06/2012

Fads, trends and robots taking over the world!  This is a summary of the #eltchat held at 12noon BST on Wednesday 20th June, 2012.  The full title of the chat was:   ‘The Next Big Thing – what is it?  Is ELT becoming a fad-driven profession?’ I have to admit that I wasn’t particularly inspired…
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How to combine F2F and online learning in blended courses? #ELTChat Summary 25/04/2012

    This summary first appeared on Eduardo Sandos’s blog, ELT Bakery, and was reporoduced here with his kind permission. May 2, 2012     The topic of last Wednesday’s evening #ELTChat on April 25 was How to combine face-to-face and online learning in blended courses? The experience with blended learning varied quite a lot among participants, which…
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Virtual Learning Environments #ELTchat Summary 02/11/2011

This summary was contributed by Phil Longwell @teacherphil on Twitter and is reproduced here with his kind permission from his blog   This is a rough summary of an old #ELTChat, dated 2 November 2011, which I volunteered to write as I (am) currently researching the topic for an upcoming job interview.  It also connects with my MA…
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ELTchat review – online teaching and oral correction

So after a few embarrassing delays, the podcast has appeared.  In future we’ll get it out much faster!  In addition, it will be available on i’Tunes.  If you’d be willing to give a short interview on #ELTchat for future podcasts then please get in touch with us on Twitter.This is a good place to continue…
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