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E-portfolios for students and teachers – #ELTChat summary 26/10/2011

E-portfolio for students and teachers – #ELTChat summary 26/10/2011 – Summary contributed by Yitzha Sarwono and is reposted here with her kind permission. Many thanks to Yitzha for her great summary.   How can we create them for learners’ and make the most of them for their own CPD   This Wednesday 26/10/2011 #ELTChat was moderated…
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ELTchat Review – Personal Development and Discipline

This week saw two very popular themes being discussed on #ELTchat.  Although discipline tends to be regarded as a topic in the secondary system, issues are not unknown in adult teaching.  Greta Sandler joined us from Argentina to review the session.   Our Blog post of the Week is the intriguingly-titled “bona to vada your…
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ELTchat Review – Using Coursebooks and Critical Thinking

This week was a cracking #ELTchat, and rather than just review it, we asked some of the contributors to expand on the views they posted during the sessions.  Joe McVeigh gave us a fascinating insight to the thinking of the materials designer and Tara Benwell from @ESLlibrary joined Shelly to expand on her thoughts regarding coursebooks.  Henrick…
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