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A PLN for ELT Professionals

IPA: The theory and beyond. Is knowing the IPA essential? Do you use phonemic script in class? Why or why not? #ELTchat Summary 22/02/2012

Full title of #ELTchat on February 22nd 12.P.M. GMT   This summary was contributed by Rachel Appleby, alias @rapple18 Introduction   Dealing with pronunciation in the classroom is one of those things that comes naturally to some, is consciously avoided by others, and is a bit of a bête noir for a few. We know these…
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Reading Aloud – Useful or a Waste of Time? #ELTchat Summary 21/09/2011

This summary was contributed by Yitzha Sarwono (@yitzhasarwono on Twitter) and posted on her blog   It is reproduced here with her kind permission and our thanks!   For all the curious minds and ELT Enthusiasts out there (as myself too), Wednesday would be one of those day to be looking forward too. Not just because it’s…
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Non Native English Speaker Teachers and their insecurities about teaching a language which is not their mother tongue #ELTchat summary 27/04/2011

On 27 April at 9pm BST, #ELTchat tackled the topic ‘Non-native teachers of English and their insecurities about teaching a language that is not their mother tongue!’ This was the favourite topic this #ELTchat with 36% of the vote. This summary was first posted on Mike Harrison’s blog – @harrisonmike on Twitter – and it is reproduced…
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ELTchat Review – Pronunciation and Dogme

It was a great week for #ELTchat with an absolute flood of ideas, thought and view during both of the chat sessions.  We asked Richard, a new participant in ELTchat for his views on the pronunciation session and he obliged with some insightful comments and ideas. Vicky Loras kindly took the time to review the…
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