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How can we make in-class feedback interesting varied and useful? #ELTChat Summary 17/12/2014

by Marjorie Rosenberg   Several of us gathered together for the last eltchat of 2014 to discuss the topic of making in-class feedback both varied and useful.   The topic was kicked off by defining the topic a bit more exactly and asking some pertinent questions:   Marisa_C: It’s all about feedback after tasks –…
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Process Approach to Writing: Is it better than other approaches to teach writing skills to ESL Ss? #ELTchat Summary 27/03/2013

This is a summary of the 1200 PM GMT #ELTchat on the Process Approach to Writing held on March 27, 2013. It’s my first ELTchat summary and it’s come out looking like an extended and tortured reported speech exercise  I’m definitely not taking this route the next time round.  —————————————————- Definitions The chat kicked off with…
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How can we make writing more stimulating for our students? Summary of #ELTchat 19/10/2011

This summary was contributed by @yitzha_sarwono  On Wednesday evening October 19th 2011, many ELT enthusiasts joined t #eltchat to share ideas, connect and engage in this topic about how to motivate writing activities in class. Our moderators were Marisa Constantinides (@Marisa_C), Barbara Sakamoto (@barbsaka) and Bernadette Wall (@rliberni) . These three lovely ladies led all the…
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How do you deal with students with low levels of literacy (even in their L1)? #ELTchat summary 04/05/2011 Part 1 of 2

This summary (Part 1 of 2) was contributed by Mike Harrison – @harrisonmike on Twitter – on his blog and is reproduced here with his kind permission. Many thanks Mike and we look forward to Part 2!   Summary Part 1   Finally, I got my topic for #ELTchat! I had proposed the topic of…
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How do you teach writing? And how do you mark it? #ELTchat Summary 09/02/2011

The second #ELTchat on 2/2/2011 was “How do you teach writing and how do you mark it?”. Here is a summary written for us by Leahn Stanhope – @Fuertesun on Twitter – copied from her blog, Early EFL, and reproduced here with her permission.   How do you teach writing? And how do you mark it? by…
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