App Swap Jam at the VIrtual Round Table 2016

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App Swap Jam at the VIrtual Round Table 2016





On #ELTchat we love summaries and lists that we can share – here is one!


This list of great apps for teachers and students was compiled by people who attended the App Swap Jam session at the Virtual Round Table 2016 Conference.





And did they brainstorm!!!!!



Heike Philp masterminded this beautifully, making the most of the affordances of a great VLE like Adobe Connect Pro!


You can watch a recording of this great swap shop here   



Marisa Constantinides, Carol Rainbow and Joe Dale  organised all the ideas it into the table below with links and helpful hints about how to use them.


You can view the original list here in the groups in which participants shared the apps here


Special thanks to Joe Dale for suggesting so many from his personal treasure chest!!



A survey is being put together as we speak to find out the  most popular ones.



Clck on the links to discover more about what each App does – they are mostly for iPads but many are cross-platform


For learners Video & Comics Audio For teachers Digital story-telling Formative assessment Learning Langs
Action Movie FX x
Adobe Post x x
Adobe Voice x x
Animoto x x x x x x
Audioboom x x x x x
Aurasma x
Balloon Stickies Plus x
Book Creator x
Bossjock x
Busuu x
Canva x x
Cat Spanish x
Chatterpix x x x
Chatterpix Kid x x
Chomp x x
ClassDojo x
Cloudart x x
Comic Life x
ComicMaker HD x
Comics Head Lite x
Creaza x x x x x
Didapages x
Ditty x x x
Duolingo x
dvolver x x x x
EdModo x
EdPuzzle x x x x x
English Central x x x x x x
Evernote with Skitch / penultimate
Explain Everything x x x
Face Story x
FluentU x
Fotobabble x
Fresh Grades x
FXGuru x
Glogster x x
GoAnimate x x
GreenScreen x x
Hilfen English x
iMovie x x Interactive Stickers x
iPadio x
Seesaw x x
Kahoot x
Keezy x
Legend for Messenger x
Lego Movie Maker x x
LineLearner Lite x
Makebelief comix x
Megaphoto x
Memrise x
My Talking Avatar Free x x
Nawmal x x x x x
Newsbooth x x
Notegraphy x
Padlet x x
PathOn x x
Phoetic x x
Phoster x x
PhotoPeach x x x x x
Pic Collage x x
Pictual x x
PingPong x
Pinterest x
Pixton x
PlayPosit x
powtoon x x x x x
Quiz Revolution x x
Quizlet x x
Quizlet Live x
QuizUp x
Quizziz x
Recordium x x x
Remind x
ScoopIt x
Seesaw x
Smore x x
Snapguide x
Socrative x
Sonic pics x
Soundcloud x x x x x
spaceD repetition
SpeakPipe x
Spreaker Studio x
Storybird x x x
Storyrobe x x
Strip Designer x x x x
StudyStack x
Tackk x x
TagCloud x x
Talking Cutie TACU x x
TED app
TeleStory x x x
Tellagami x x x
Textal x
Toon Camera x
Toontastic x
Twitter x x
Twrrl x x
Typic x
Typorama x
VideoFX x
Voicethread x x x x x
Vont x
Wevideo x
Word Collage x
WordFoto x
WordFrame x
WordSalad x
WordSwag x
Yakit Kids x x
Zaption x
Zondle x x x