Have a great summer, #ELTchatters

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Have a great summer, #ELTchatters

#ELTchat is closed for the summer – See you all on Wednesday, Sept. 14th 2016




Image Source: https://chillingcompetition.com/2011/07/26/closed-for-the-summer/



This year has been great for #ELTchat: we have introduced a slow-burn chat to accompany our fast-paced one and we  managed to reach even more people in different countries.

It is, however, time for our regular summer break.

Half of our colleagues are on holidays and the other half are training and/or assessing.


That’s right! For some of us in ELT, the summer is high season!!!!


For this reason, we decided that #ELTchat will not be active until the second Wednesday of September (14/06/2016).


Have a great summer no matter what you do or where you go and do not forget to join us in September.