#ELTchat DJ/Moderator of the month!!!

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#ELTchat DJ/Moderator of the month!!!

Dear #ELTchat friends and afficionados,


For some time now, it has been difficult to solicit a sufficient number of topics each week to merit a poll. We have a long tradition of involving #ELTchat followers in the selection and voting of the topic to be discussed each week, but of late, we have not had very much response from teachers on Twitter.


So I thought, why not change our tactics? For a while or for a long time, it does not really matter.


Getting inspiration from an old and dear hashtag on twitter which has turned into a great facebook group of friends playing music to one another, I am launching the idea of each moderator becoming


#ELTchat DJ of the month!!!


We hope  you won’t object too much to the idea – Each #ELTchat DJ/Moderator will pick the topic of #ELTchat each week and announce it to the hashtag followers


We love our weekly discussions and even when we know little about a topic, it’s a great opportunity to share and learn from the discussion.



Suggestions for topics still welcome! 


You can still suggest a topic on a google spreadsheet here  as well as wether you would be willing to write a summary for us (remember we give out badges which are proudly sported by some of the best #ELT Bloggers around!!!


The DJ/Mod can choose from the list, or if appropriate, select a topic of current interest.



Who are the DJ/Mods?


The #ELTchat moderators, of course; Sue Annan, Angelos Bollas, Matthew Noble and myself!


We are also open to guest DJ’s for one or more #ETchats!



Next one on March 8th 

I thought I should be the first DJ; I had the idea, I have the right picture of my avatar D-Jaying in Second Life, what else do I need?


Oh, yes. a topic for this week!!!



Stay tuned!!!