#ELTchat Topic Playlist for October 2017

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#ELTchat Topic Playlist for October 2017

September saw the #ELTchat fires reignited with three great chats on building literacy skills, doing needs analysis, and taking a process approach to writing – all with YLs. Thanks to everyone who got involved coming back from summer!


Let’s keep the fire burning bright in October with the following four chat topics suggested by members of the #ELTchat community!



October Topics: 


Wednesday, October 4th:

“The Best Web 2.0 Tools for Writing Skills”

(proposed by Fiona Price)



Wednesday, October 11th:

“Teaching Online”

(proposed by Paulino Brener)



Wednesday, October 18th:

“Teaching 1-2-1 and Coaching”

(proposed by Carmelia Martincu)



Wednesday, October 25th:

“Gender Equity in ELT Conferences”

(proposed by Fiona Dunbar)



Topic Refinement: 

In order to help refine and enhance the focus of each one-hour live chat on the topics above, please feel free to use the comment second of this post (below) to suggest specific questions or areas within a topic that moderators help make sure is brought into to the chat!


Chuffed for Chats!

Interested in one, two, three, or all of these topics? We hope to see you on Twitter Wednesdays this October. And remember, you can join us for the *LIVE* chat each Wednesday at 19:00 BST (Time Zone Converter) OR if you can’t make it live, take part in the ‘slowburn’ ongoing discussion during the following 24-hours or so.




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2 Responses

  1. Stephen Dodd says:

    Should students be allowed to take photos of the teacher’s boardwork?

  2. Hi Stephen, this is not such a big topic that we could be talking about it for a whole hour but it deserves to be discussed in some way.

    Personally, I do not mind if my trainees take photos – sometimes it saves class times which is used up with them laboriously copying. But there may be times when you DO want them to copy as a learning or as a handwriting exercise.

    Here is a photo of my trainees taking a snapshot of a complicated flowchart phones

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