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ELTchat Review – Measuring oral improvement and dealing with shy students

This week the chat sessions focused on two tough subjects – the most popular topic in the poll was how to deal with quiet or shy students. This is obviously a critical area in language learning as any reluctance to speak is going to have a major effect on progress.  Cecilia Coelho joined us with…
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ELTchat Review – Taboo subjects and using L1 in the classroom

Well we had two more great sessions on #ELTchat with masses of information changing hands and people with very differing views discussing the pros and cons of the two topics.   The first session looked at the issue of taboo subjects in the ELT classroom.  Mike Harrison got the ball rolling with some good observations…
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ELTchat Review – Using Coursebooks and Critical Thinking

This week was a cracking #ELTchat, and rather than just review it, we asked some of the contributors to expand on the views they posted during the sessions.  Joe McVeigh gave us a fascinating insight to the thinking of the materials designer and Tara Benwell from @ESLlibrary joined Shelly to expand on her thoughts regarding coursebooks.  Henrick…
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ELTchat review – online teaching and oral correction

So after a few embarrassing delays, the podcast has appeared.  In future we’ll get it out much faster!  In addition, it will be available on i’Tunes.  If you’d be willing to give a short interview on #ELTchat for future podcasts then please get in touch with us on Twitter.This is a good place to continue…
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