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How do you design good ICQs and CCQs? #ELTchat Summary – 12/03/2014

How do you design good ICQs and CCQs?   When I saw the topic for #ELTChat was CCQs, I simply had to join. They were always one of the main points of feedback during my observations – CCQs a little untargeted, ambiguous, using target language etc. The bane of a small part of my existence…
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What would you like to talk about on 19/03/14?

Vote for this week’s eltchat topic for Wednesday’s chat. [polldaddy poll=7885470]   The top choice in the poll will be discussed at 12 pm GMT  Wed 19 March Propose and join #ELTchat! Please bear in mind that if you are proposing a topic you should try and join the chat if it is chosen (though time…
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Entering and Exiting: The Importance of Beginning and Ending Lessons Well – #ELTchat Summary 05.03.14

Entering and Exiting: The Importance of Beginning and Ending Lessons Well This is the summary of an #ELTchat which took place on 5 March 2014 and was first published on Sue Annan’s blog.   This was a lovely structured topic, as the writer had prepared a series of questions he wanted answered. Marisa_Constantinides started us off…
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Teaching English in the corporate World #ELTchat summary 12/02/2014)

This summary was contributed by Joanna Malefaki – @joannacre on Twitter, and was first posted on her blog Joanna Malefaki – My ELT Rambles – it is reproduced here with her kind permission ____________________________ Teaching English in the corporate World #ELTchat summary I started attending the #ELTchat on tiwtter (Wednesdays 12.00   or 21.00 GMT) after my tutor, Marisa Constantinides, suggested…
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That Sinking Feeling #ELTchat Summary 05/02/2014

Summary contributed by @NewbieCELTA and uploaded on Slideshare – he will post on his blog sometime soon with his own reflections – stay tuned “That Sinking Feeling” #ELTchat Summary from Matthew Noble

Can introverts be good language teachers? #ELTchat Summary 29/01/2014

An interesting topic for the first late-night chat of 2014 which got lots of people madly typing away at their keyboards or keypads.   Photo Credit: Hartwig HKD via Compfight @Theteacherjames started off by adding to the above question with ‘How can introverted teachers satisfy their students’ expectations?’ which was answered by @hartle who asked ‘Do you have…
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Pre-packaged, marketable language learning #ELTchat Summary 22/01/2014

#ELTchat,  a weekly Twitter chat for English Language Teaching professionals, returned on 22 January 2014 after the Christmas/New Year break.  The chat is now held once per week, every Wednesday, alternating between 12 noon and 9pm GMT each week.   ______________________________ For the latest news on #ELTchat and the latest topics up for voting, click here. _____________________________________________…
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Best of #ELTchat in 2013 – An #ELTchat summary (11/12/2013)

The last two chats of the year presented an opportunity to recall some the most useful and inspiring chats of 2013. As a newcomer to ELTchat – I joined my first one in September – I’ve only taken part in these lively weekly discussions a couple of times, but as @theteacherjames says, one of the…
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Best of #ELTchat in 2013

 Join us for the last two #ELTchats of 2013   These are the last two #ELTchats of 2013 – back on January 15 – so we decided ton the following topic for both:   Best ideas from #ELTchat you tried in 2013  Best ideas from #ELTchat you tried in 2013  Best ideas from #ELTchat you…
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How do we actually know our ELT instruction was successful, apart from test results and other kinds of measurable evidence? An #ELTchat Summary (13/11/2013 )

When I first saw what the topic was going to be, I was reminded of a withdrawn student of mine who, having returned from his summer holiday, proudly told me that he had voluntarily taken on the role of interpreter and helped a foreign tourist communicate (successfully!) with a souvenir vendor. So I half expected…
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