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How can we make in-class feedback interesting varied and useful? #ELTChat Summary 17/12/2014

by Marjorie Rosenberg   Several of us gathered together for the last eltchat of 2014 to discuss the topic of making in-class feedback both varied and useful.   The topic was kicked off by defining the topic a bit more exactly and asking some pertinent questions:   Marisa_C: It’s all about feedback after tasks –…
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Freer Practice: Ways of Getting Ss to Use Target Language – an #ELTchat Summary 16/10/2013

This is the summary of the #eltchat on October 16th, 2013 and was written by Rachel Appleby  –  @rapple18  Full title Freer practice: Ways of really getting sts to use TL (vocab, grammar, phrases) in tasks / exercises, and/as a means of showing visible progress (Sp, Wr) Getting students to talk – really communicate with each…
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Monitoring, Feedback and Debriefing: When and how to do it in class #ELTchat Summary 15/02/2012

The #ELT chat topic on Wednesday, 15th February was on Monitoring, Feedback and Debriefing: when and how to do it. These issues in teaching are of equal importance just as practising any other skill in class. As this could be a sensitive issue, the teacher has to be really careful how she approaches the students…
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ELTchat Review – Measuring oral improvement and dealing with shy students

This week the chat sessions focused on two tough subjects – the most popular topic in the poll was how to deal with quiet or shy students. This is obviously a critical area in language learning as any reluctance to speak is going to have a major effect on progress.  Cecilia Coelho joined us with…
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ELTchat review – online teaching and oral correction

So after a few embarrassing delays, the podcast has appeared.  In future we’ll get it out much faster!  In addition, it will be available on i’Tunes.  If you’d be willing to give a short interview on #ELTchat for future podcasts then please get in touch with us on Twitter.This is a good place to continue…
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