What would you like to talk about on Wednesday 02/02/2010?

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What would you like to talk about on Wednesday 02/02/2010?

Please post your topics, questions and comments below.

Include topics which

  • have not been covered already in previous #ELTchats
  • are relevant to ELT teachers and teaching foreign languages
  • are not targeted attacks on individuals or institutions
  • are simply and clearly expressed.

The moderators of this website and #ELTchat reserve the right not to post comments or to include them in the poll if they do not follow the above guidelines.

8 Responses

  1. Sandy Millin says:

    How and when do you teach pronunciation?

  2. When and how to start teaching reading with (V)YL? (Though Sandy’s pron one is also gr8 :-))

  3. Strategies of dealing with “being different from others” in the classroom. (YL or adults)

  4. sueannan says:

    Is writing better done in class, or set up in class and done as homework?

  5. The topics I’d like to discuss on the next ELTchat are:

    – Effective ways to reduce TTT and maximize STT.

    – Why we left important areas of EFL teaching behing (pronunciation, articulation, diction, phonetics, etc.

    – The importance of games in early development of English as a foreign language

    – The power of mobile learning

    – Does distance learning work for EFL?

  6. daniel martin says:

    interactive whiteboards

  7. Fiona M says:

    Learning strategies: how and what to teach.

  8. Fiona M says:

    Drilling: anathema or best friend?

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