Month: March 2011

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How can we best help burnt-out colleagues? How do we help them get their enthusiasm back and encourage sharing and support? #ELTchat SUmmary 09/03/2010

Last week’s #ELTchat focused on teacher burn-out and here is the summary contributed by Priscilla Santos @teacher_prix on Twitter! Many thanks, Priscilla:-)   #ELTchat Summary   March 9, 2011. The chat was kicked off by @rliberni dropping the chat topic question: How can we avoid teacher burnout?   A number of suggestions were listed by…
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What would you like to talk about on 16/03/2010?

Hi everyone, We get many questions from new #ELTchat followers who would like to read through previous discussions and summaries contributed by our members of our community so here here is how you can find them: You can read them here on this blog by clicking on the Summaries category (not tag) and this will…
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What would you like to talk about on Wednesday 09/03/2011?

  #ELTchat a major resource for ELT teachers It’s fantastic to see how #ELTchat is fast becoming more than just an online conversation, stimulating its participants, energising them and motivating their teaching with new ideas but then quickly forgotten because it’s difficult to organise all the links and tweets into a sensible whole. Congratulations and…
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How do you approach teaching Exam Classes? #ELTchat summary – 02/03/2011

The noontime #ELTchat on 02-03-2011 focused on teaching exam classes, a topic which @sandymillin had been putting up for a vote for weeks!!!!! Well, its time came eventually, or we all succumbed to Sandy’s obvious keen desire to talk about exam classes 🙂   After the chat @BrunoELT offered to write up the summary and…
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How do you revisit taught material and recycle effectively? #ELTchat summary 02/03/2011

This summary was contributed by by Tara Benwell tweeting for @ESLLibrary and was first posted here on the ESL Library Blog   Many thanks to Tara for her great summary and constant support.   How do you revisit taught material and recycle effectively?   It’s been a while since I wrote an #edchat review and I was…
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How do you approach teaching exam classes? #ELTchat Transcript 02/03/2011

Transcript for the 12:00 p.m. GMT #ELTchat on the topic of teaching exam classes   11:58 am englishraven: A quick glance at the tiebreaking tweets indicates to me we are going to discuss exam classes first up. #ELTChat Any objections? 11:59 am DaveDodgson: @englishraven Exam classes sounds good (I’m biased as it was my suggestion,…
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