What would you like to talk about on Wednesday May 15?

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What would you like to talk about on Wednesday May 15?

English garden, Oxford

English garden, Oxford by @simongreenall #eltpics

Please post your topics for our next #ELTchat on Wednesday, May 4th. Suggestions from last week will automatically be added to this week’s poll but is there anything else that you think might make a good topic for Wednesday’s chat?

Top choice will be discussed at 21:00 PM & 2nd choice at 12:00 PM. All times are London times. Please click on the links to find your own local time for each chat.

Each week we alternate top and second choice.

How to choose topics for #ELTchat Discussions

Since we started #ELTchat last September, we have discussed a wide number of topics, but with many new members joining our conversations every week, it is very natural that we will get requests for topics which we “have done”.

Before you propose a topic, do please check the transcripts index on this blog or go to the #ELTchat wiki and click on the Transcriptsor Summaries Links to see what has been covered so far. If you see your topic but would still like to discuss a different aspect or set of issues, do submit it and we will consider including it again!


8 Responses

  1. Divya Brochier says:

    What are your final lessons like?/Sharing experiences on ending a course.

  2. Sandy Millin says:

    How important is copyright in the EFL classroom? It comes up quite often, but we never seem to discuss it!

  3. How to deal with “vocabulary recycling” in an “unplugged” classroom? As in ensuring pupils encounter the same word more than once?

  4. LizziePinard says:

    What makes a good Director of Studies, what should DoS’s be doing (And indeed not doing) to promote a “good” ethos in a language centre? (How would good be defined here?) How can they balance this with financial issues/obligations? Sort of, something like what do teachers expect from a DoS and is this realistic? If not, what compromises are acceptable and what is still unacceptable regardless of the reasoning behind it. Might be interesting, if any DoS’s participate, to see what they think teachers expect from them and what they think is reasonable/acceptable etc compared to teachers’ opinions on it.

  5. Inspired by Chia Suan Chong’s blog post ’10 Things Teachers Should Never Forget’

    something along the lines of:
    ‘How does your language learning experience impact on your teaching?’

  6. Thinking about ‘storytelling’ in class, real storytelling, reading stories to our learners, using storybooks with YL and teenagers to teach target language then moving to digital storytelling.and of course I really do hope to have a few minutes to join the chat as I’ll be teaching in the early session 🙂

  7. Shaun Wilden says:

    Hi Sandy, this is an important topic but do you think there is enough in it for an hour long discussion?

  8. vicky bosatzi says:

    how will we enhance the ability to be cool to a student that is totally shy?how will they overcome their fear of talking to strangers?

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