What would you like to talk about on #ELTchat on December 7, 2011?

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What would you like to talk about on #ELTchat on December 7, 2011?

It’s time to vote!!! 


The highest polling suggestions from last week that were not chosen will automatically be added to this week’s poll but is there anything else that you think might make a good topic for Wednesday’s chat!

Top choice will be discussed at 12.00 GMT & 2nd choice at21.00 GMT

All times are GMT. Each week we alternate top and second choice.

PLN at TESOL France – George Vassilakis, Marisa Constantinides, Dale Coulter, James Taylor, Anna Musielak-Kubecka, Sandy Millin & Sue Annan. (photo by Cecilia Lemos)

Please bear in mind that if you are proposing a topic you should try and join the chat if it is chosen (though time zones can make that difficult). Please also note that the chat moderators do monitor the voting. There have been recent cases of block voting which has skewed and manipulated the polls. In such cases the votes will be disqualified and results of poll will be announced on our blog.

How to choose topics for #ELTchat Discussions

Since we started #ELTchat last September, we have discussed a wide number of topics, but with many new members joining our conversations every week, it is very natural that we will get requests for topics which we “have done”.

Please, include topics which

  • have not been covered already in previous #ELTchats
  • are relevant to ELT teachers and teaching foreign languages
  • are not targeted attacks on individuals or institutions
  • are simply and clearly expressed.

The #ELTchat moderators reserve the right not to post comments or to include them in the poll if they do not follow the above guidelines.

Before you propose a topic, do please check the transcripts index on this blog or go to the #ELTchat wiki and click on the Transcripts or Summaries Links to see what has been covered so far.

If you see your topic but would still like to discuss a different aspect or set of issues, do submit it and we will consider including it again!

Please click on the title of the poll if the voting button is not displaying properly 



10 Responses

  1. Chris Wilson says:

    How can we help students with speech impediments such as stuttering?

  2. Sandy Millin says:

    What is the best way to approach continuous enrolment courses? (or new students joining established classes)

  3. Ty Kendall says:

    Can that Sexism topic be included again? I was well gutted when it didn’t win last week, for a while it was a front runner then when I checked back it had been eclipsed.
    It’s quite a different topic from anything that’s been done before. Thanks.

  4. Sue Annan says:

    I like Sandy’s idea. It’s a tricky juggling act!

    My topic: how much does taking part in webinars and workshops actually change people’s ways of doing things in the classroom? Do many people just pay lip service to the ideas?

  5. Raquel_EFL says:

    Advantages and Disadvantages of adjusting text books according to our Ss’ needs: formative assessment X traditional evaluation based on a book syllabus.

  6. Anne Sinclair says:

    Thoroughly agree with Ty Kendall! In this female-dominated profession, is sexism the last taboo?

  7. Tony Gurr says:

    This one will probably “sting” a bıt 😉

    A few years back – ELT was ahead of the curve vis-a-vis learner-centred “teaching” (and even “LEARNing-centred praxis”). In recent years we have lost ground and seem to be playing “catch-up” to mainstream education – you know, like discussions on the merits of constructıvism or dare I say it “real language LEARNing”.

    What went wrong? Why did we fall behınd? How can we make a “creative leap” to get us back to where we were (and I ain’t just talkin’ about the “tech” guys) 😉


  8. Aaaarrrgh, Tony, you missed posting the poll. Poll can’t change once it’s up. Can we keep this for next week – and meanwhile could you please reword it so it’s not a whole paragraph?

  9. Bill says:

    How can we submit the poll? I see the choices, and I can select one, but there’s no “submit” button….

    Also, I’d like to submit a topic for next week’s: Dealing with plagiarism: helping students learn how to summarize or cite.

  10. Bill says:

    Ah, in answer to my first question, I see now that there’s an instruction above the poll. Got it!

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