#ELTchat Interview – Carol Read running for IATEFL President

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#ELTchat Interview – Carol Read running for IATEFL President

I was very happy that Carol Read was so easy to persuade and eager to talk to #ELTchat followers!

This interview was done in one go and it may not be the best in terms of the technical set up but Carol’s great persona shines through my poor videtaping skills and she has poise and confidence and much more!!! Listen to her comments about how long and in what capacities she has served IATEFL and perhaps you might decide to vote for her!

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I hope you have found some interest in Carol’s comments, especially the news that there will be an IATEFL app !!!! That was indeed a scoop, hot off the press!!!

Carol Read is a Twitter user and when the topic of young learners comes up on ELTchat, she is sure to follow!

If you are an IATEFL member and have not voted yet, she is indeed a great candidate!!!

by Marisa Constantinides – @Marisa_C

About Carol Read

Carol Read
 is an educational consultant, teacher trainer and writer with many years’ experience of working with children. Carol has published widely in the field of primary language teaching, including Bugs which won a British Council Innovation Award and 500 Activities for the Primary Classroom which was Highly Commended in the Duke of Edinburgh ESU Awards. You can read a lot more about her accomplishments here.



Her blog is Carol Read’s ABC of Teaching Children Ideas, tips and resources for primary language teachers


She is @carolread  on Twitter

5 Responses

  1. sharon noseley says:

    Carol Read reaches the parts other people do not reach! I think it’s time for IATEFL to have a president who is innovative, creative and on the ball with real teaching in the world today!Lately, I have been researching teaching YLs for my Module 3 of the DELTA and to be honest, Carol Read’s publications and writings are some of the few documents I can read that actually relate to my everyday teaching experience – she understands what teachers are going through and what the Yls of today are all about..YLs are our future generation of EFL speakers- so don’t ignore them and vote for Carol now!!

    Thank you Marissa for highlighting my thoughts!!

  2. Adam says:

    Is anyone else in the running for the IATEFL presidency and, if so, will you also be looking to interview them?

  3. Mike says:

    That was my question too. There are 3 candidates, so it would be nice to have the opportunity to hear their views in a forum such as eltchat.

  4. Mike, it would be more than just nice to have the other two candidates for the IATEFL presidency interviewed it would be fair and democratic.


  5. We’re planning something but need help – Adam?

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