What’s in your Essential Teacher’s Kit? #ELTchat Summary 25/04/2012

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What’s in your Essential Teacher’s Kit? #ELTchat Summary 25/04/2012

This summary was contributed by Chris Wilson and was first posted on his blog here where the tweets look much better! It is reproduced here with his kind permission. 


What’s in your Essential Teacher’s Kit?


This Wednesday’s (25/04/2012) 12 pm chat topic was “what’s in your essential teachers kit” all the things you wouldn’t want to be without in the classroom and it generated over 500 tweets! That’s a lot of items!

Main themes:

  • What is really essential?
  • What do you take into every lesson?
  • How is your ETK different for different ages.
  • What mindset do you bring with you into the classroom?
  • Hitech vs low tech [replacing paper resources with tech]
  • Teaching online as opposed to offline
  • Resources, such as photos, postits, dice, mini whiteboards etc that can be used for many different activities.
  • What students bring vs what teachers bring
  • Items for CPD and Language clarification during the lesson.
  • Resources as only the physical embodiment of the mentality and ideas we enter the classroom with.


Some tweets:


If the key word is “essential” then, students, teacher, a board of some kind and an open mind. #eltchat


OUP ELT Global
define essential – surely only essential things are T & SS? #eltchat


David Petrie
laptop, data projector, headset, USB speaker,markers, blue-tack, a board, extra pens, pencils, sheets of paper, rubbers, tipex#eltchat


A. Koukoumialou
I also carry around some activities for fast finishers#ELTchat


Daniela Zallocco
blank paper, coloured pencils, dice #eltchat


Mike Harrison
Tell you what it’s gonna have to be a bloody big bag to fit all these essentials in 🙂 #ELTChat



Language items:

I also like to have a good dictionary & grammar book 2 hand 4 ref & a set of lateral thinking puzzles for those ‘flagging’ moments #eltchat


Berni Wall

For Activities

I always have class vocabulary cards to hand, useful for revision games like taboo #eltchat


Michelle Hughes
“@Shaunwilden: @MrChrisJWilson Why are post-its essential? #eltchat” loads of reasons, games, vocabualry records around the class, rewards


gareth davies


#ELTchat 1.student devices w internet access, 2. my usb & also 3. pref internet connex enabling me to use iGoogle to access all my links 🙂


Here’s a glogster of my Teacher Survial Kit for Young Learners w/ explanation http://t.co/0R3IqWQ0 #eltchat


Shelly S Terrell
Essential for me at present is a good Skype connection and reliable internet! #eltchat


Berni Wall
Interesting that many of the practical things mentioned in the kit can be replaced by technology nowadays.#justsaying #eltchat


James Taylor

More abstract

#eltchat it’s essential to know where your students are coming from, and that they’re individualshttp://t.co/FHe55l23


Mike Harrison
An ETK is a PLN is an ETK… #eltchat


Benjamin Stewart
An ETK is a philosophy, ideology, and based on a set of theories. #eltchat


Benjamin Stewart

What do you get students to bring?

#eltchat does anyone have things they require Ss to bring to lessons?

@NikkiFortova A free newspaper, a menu or a leaflet – grabbed on the way to school – can be useful.. #eltchat

Always on you:

Can’t say it’s essential but I like to know that there are markers and poster (butcher?) paper nearby just in case#eltchat


Michael Griffin
I used to always carry around a box of cuisenaire rods, they are good for many things #ELTChat


“@Shaunwilden: so let’s boil it down to one thing you’d always have in your bag? #eltchat” actialy changing mine to a smile 🙂


gareth davies
RT @Shaunwilden: so let’s boil it down to one thing you’d always have in your bag? #eltchat >A ball!


Andrea Wade

Reflective practices:

Another item in my kit: an ideas notebook, so anything general that crops up in class or out, doesn’t get forgotten.#eltchat


James Taylor

Wouldn’t be #ELTchat without Dogme

@ShellTerrell Dogme survival kit: pad, pens, whiteboard, post-its. Not that different really, is it? 🙂 #ELTChat


James Taylor
@theteacherjames @ShellTerrell 4 me #thedword IS part of my survival kit-kowing we can all survive (and more) w/o a coursebook. #eltchat


Michael Griffin

Some links shared:


Some things I found interesting from the discussion.

Several times teachers mentioned resources and others suggested were bdd because they had never seen them work. Perhaps this goes along with the idea that some teachers can/can’t use a resource/teach in certain ways but can use other tools/methods.

In general, we seamed to come to the conclusion that really the only essential things are, the teacher, the student, knowledge of the subject, though we all have our favourite items and resources. Perhaps the name “Essential” was a bit misleading and something like “emergency teachers kit” would have been better?

Anyway, it was interesting to see how few items we really require when teaching.

 For the complete transcript click here. 


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  1. Irene Cros says:

    Lots of nice ideas there …. I don’t carry it into the room with me, but I usually have a link to : http://www.just-the-word.com/ set up in the class (white board). I’m working with advanced French students – their errors are usually to with collocation and a quick search on just the words usually solves any problems – and make them aware of collocation …

    it’s also useful when I’m marking papers and I have to ask myself the question ‘do we say that in English …?’

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