May Challenge: My Learning English Journey

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May Challenge: My Learning English Journey

May Challenge: My Learning English Journey

by Tara Benwell

It’s time for a NEW #ELTChat PLN blog challenge. This month’s challenge was inspired by Beyza Yılmaz – alias @beyza on Twitter and suggested by Tara Benwell – @tarabenwell – who also provided us with the text for this post.

Beyza is an EFL instructor and teacher trainer in Turkey. She recently shared a blog post called Learning English Process: Student View  written by one of her English learners who responded to the following question:


What did I do outside (of the classroom) to have a better command of English? 


This learner broke her learning journey into three main parts:

Reading, Writing, and Listening practice. Several great links were shared, inspiring the next PLN challenge!

Beyza’s post reminded me of Barbara Sakamoto’s Student Voices section of the Teaching Village. One of the online learners in my care posted there last year when Barbara asked me to invite a student over.  There is so much potential for this section, and we can learn so much from our students’ voices and journeys.


May Challenge: My Learning English Journey

Invite a learner (past or present) to write a guest post on your blog. (The student can remain anonymous if preferred.)

How does this learner take responsibility for his or her own learning English journey?

Feel free to format this guest post as an interview if it’s easier on your learner.

Posts in response to this Challenge


Link  your guest post back to this page of the #ELTChat blog and do share it on Twitter, too!  

4 Responses

  1. Tara Benwell says:

    Please take a moment to read Rajesh’s guest post on my blog. His English journey is very inspiring!

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  3. My student, Cintia Overvag, has accepted the challenge and has blogged about her journey She has done a great job and I am really proud of her. We are looking forward to your comments. Cheers

  4. I am sorry, I did not include the link . Cintia´s positive attitude is really inspiring.

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