After the ELTons & News about Blog Badges

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After the ELTons & News about Blog Badges


After the ELTons Awards

June 2, 2012

Innovation in Teacher Resources

We may not have won an ELTons award but we all felt happy and very honoured to be at the awards ceremony, representing a host of ELT teachers, trainers, writers, publishers, who log on to Twitter every Wednesday and get a dose of inspiration, energy and community support.

Congratulations are due to the well deserving winners in our category, Graham Stanley and his co-author Kyle Mawer for their book Digital Play, a really important innovation in itself – a book that encourages teachers to use authentic online games and to exploit their potential for language comprehension and production.

We were also very pleased at how many of the other nominees felt that we, too, deserved to win, and were truly touched at how many of you told us you were keeping your fingers crossed and your thoughts on us.

In the words of a colleague and #ELTchatter “to someone who does not take part in #ELTchat, it doesn’t make sense.” May be he is right and this may look like any other blog, but it is a blog created with you and through your conversations and writings.

But some judges did see what we are about and here is one comment which appeared in the booklet given to us on the day of the awards ceremony.


ELTchat description in the ELTons booklet


There will be more opportunities in the future – be sure of that!


The future is in our connected hands!!! 


#ELTchat Blogger Badges are Here!!!

To honour and, in a very small way, reward all those willing bloggers who have made this resource possible and the ELTons nomination happen, we have decided to create some badges which they can use on their blogs.

From newbie summary writer, to veteran #ELTchat blog contributor, there is a badge for everyone!!!!

We have put up the images on Flickr  and once you have the required number of posts for each badge, you can ask us to send you the embed code for your blog! 

So What Next?

Well, for those of you who have been contributing blog posts to the wonderful resource we all create together every week, we have some news. 

We have been working towards producing a series of e-Books with your posts. These e-books will need to include proper attribution to the various bloggers, a small bio and photograph under each post, and of course, we need your permission to do this.

They will be availble free of charge and they make a great collection, a great gift to a colleague and, of course, we hope they will enhance the online presence of those bloggers who gave their time freely and willingly for the benefit of all teachers, whether they participate in #ELTchat or not. 

If you have written any summary post(s) for #ELTchat please visit this Google spreadsheet and leave your details; repeat for as many posts as you have contributed please

#ELTchat Bloggers 

Blogger Badges

 From 1 – 5 posts

From 6-10 posts

From 11-15 posts

From 16+ posts

 We look forward to seeing these badges on your blogs!!!

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  1. I added some resources to the spreadsheet. They are not specifically ELL, but they can be used in ELL classrooms for language development.

    Hope that is okay.

  2. Sorry Janet, this spreadsheet is for those bloggers who have written summaries of #ELTchats – not for listing any other blog posts

  3. […] recognition of this, #ELTchat moderators have decided to award special badges to these […]

  4. […] recognition of this, #ELTchat moderators have decided to award special badges to these […]

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