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Suggest a topic for #eltchat on 05.02.14

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This Wednesday #eltchat is at 12pm GMT

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If you have an idea for a topic for Wednesday’s chat then leave it as a comment below this post and we’ll include it in the poll once voting starts on Monday. Since we now only have one chat a week, we’ll add the unsuccessful topics from the previous week to poll.

The top choice in the poll will be discussed at 12.00 p.m. GMT.

Learning by Hana Tichá on #eltpics

Learning by Hana Tichá on #eltpics

Please bear in mind that if you are proposing a topic you should try and join the chat if it is chosen (though time zones can make that difficult).

Please also note that the chat moderators do monitor the voting. There have been recent cases of block voting which has skewed and manipulated the polls. In such cases the votes will be disqualified and results of poll will be announced on our blog.

Since we started #ELTchat in September 2010, we have discussed a wide number of topics, but with many new members joining our conversations every week, it is very natural that we will get requests for topics which we “have done”.

Check our summaries page to see if your idea has already been included in a past #ELTchat

Please, include topics which

  • have not been covered already in previous #ELTchats
  • are relevant to ELT teachers and teaching foreign languages
  • are not targeted attacks on individuals or institutions
  • are simply and clearly expressed.

The #ELTchat moderators reserve the right to edit or reword a topic or not to include in the poll if it does not follow the above guidelines.

Before you propose a topic, do please check the  summaries page on this blog or go to the #ELTchat wiki and click on the Transcripts or Summaries Links to see what has been covered so far.

If you see your topic but would still like to discuss a different aspect or set of issues, do submit it and we will consider including it again!


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5 Responses

  1. Suggested #ELTchat topic: “That Sinking Feeling” – How teachers feel after a ‘bad lesson’ and how they transform failures (or don’t) into progress…(I think we can all profoundly relate, as teachers, to those sometimes really dark feelings when things don’t seem to be going so well!). How to we manage this disappointment/exhaustion/frustration when it hits us (often after a lesson that didn’t go well)?

  2. Lizzie says:

    Can I renominate the topic I added last week about how learner autonomy looks in the YL /teen classroom…? 🙂

  3. How about “Use of students’ mother tongue in the EFL classroom: taboo or just good sense?” It seems there’s some revival of acceptance of using Ss’ own language in teaching a foreign language, of integrating translation into L2 acquisition, and of questioning the ‘all Englis, all the time’ direct method. How can we help tchrs integrate Ss’ L1 into L2 learning in a principled way?

  4. Tarveen Walia says:

    I see that most topics have been covered!
    I have an issue with reinforcing correct use of structures in my learners.I’m quick to help them develop confidence, and motivating enough for them to use whatever it is that they know of the language, and the structure that we’re dealing with in that session. But the next session sees them making the same errors . Would be keen to know how to work on error correction with fossilized habits!

  5. Marisa says:

    Tarveen, keep this topic on ice until next week 🙂

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