#ELTchat 5th Birthday – Join our Celebration chat on the 16th of September at 21.00 p.m. BST

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#ELTchat 5th Birthday – Join our Celebration chat on the 16th of September at 21.00 p.m. BST


For the past five years, #ELTchat friends and moderators have met every Wednesday noon or evening to talk about teaching, learning, new technologies, techniques and tools for the classroom, class management, the large and small issues of English Language Teaching but, most of all, building community and connecting with one another to share and learn together.


Celebrate #ELTchat’s 5th birthday with us on the 16th of September!!!!







This will be our first #ELTchat to kick off the fall season.  We have had a long summer break but we are back with more energy and many new ideas for #ELTchat in the coming season!


For this first chat of the year, we will not ask you to submit topics or have a poll, but we invite all #ELTchat players, participants, contributors, bloggers extraordinaires, as well as our many lurkers who follow our chats but are too shy to talk to us, to come forward and tell us


  • What does #ELTchat mean to you? 
  • What topics have been the most interesting and stand out in your memory? 
  • Which summaries have you used the most?
  • How do you see online CPD developing in the next few years? 


We would particularly love to see our #ELTchat bloggers take part in this celebration chat to share how #ELTchat added to their blogging experience!


And of course we want to invite all the moderators who started and built #ELTchat – @ShellTerrell, @theenglishraven @riberni and @barbsaka 




See you on the 16th on Twitter!!!! Remember to search and save the #ELTchat hashtag and if you are new to our chat check out how to take part here!



The #ELTchat Moderators


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