#ELTchat is back!!! What would you like to talk about?

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#ELTchat is back!!! What would you like to talk about?

Time flies!!


Here is the fab post we put up for our 5th anniversary last year! It’s full of great comments about #ELTchat by some of its creators, friends like Barbara Sakamoto and Shelly Terrel, and words of appreciation from many more people who learn from #ELTchat and help the learning of others through our discussions.



Read that fabulous post here 



And now we are back from our longish Summer Break!


Most of us mods have been working our socks off this summer so forgive the longish break!!!


But we are ready and willing to get back in touch with you and to celebrate our 6th anniversary with friends old and new!



Suggest some topics for our poll please!


Remember to check our summaries page just in case we have covered a topic (to death, that is – don’t be afraid to revisit old topics from a fresh angle)


Please post your suggestions as a comment below this post – and bring a drink and some cake to our next #ELTchat!!!

9 Responses

  1. Matthew says:

    I think it’d be nice to simply share about life experiences we’ve had over the summer (or whatever season we’ve experienced recently). As teachers we’re not just technicians, we’re humans and artists for whom personal life plays a major role in how our work unfolds. What experiences, emotions, new perspectives, changes, or challenges are we coming (back) to work with?

  2. Derek Keever says:

    How can we topple the hegemony of the grammar syllabus and the obsession with testing?

  3. saeed says:

    Coursebooks are much trusted in some countries and any diversion from the sequence of the material in coursebook is considered as an unforgivable sin. How should we deal with this?

  4. I like your ideas Derek, but these may be dealt with as two different topics. Will talk to the other mods and decide 🙂

  5. Frances Walker says:

    Hi everyone! This will be my 1st ELT Chat! I only wish I’d made use of this site and the wealth of knowledge of its participants before now! Oh well, better late than never! I can see an enormous amount of reading in my near future!

    I have a suggestion for a discussion topic which has been close to my heart since taking my CELTA course: ‘Why is there such a discrepancy between the amount of ELT training and resources available for teachers who teach groups and those who teach 1-to-1 classes?’.

    I’ll bring some tapas with me! 🙂

  6. Some of these topics are really good and I would like to run them again

  7. Chahida Nhari says:

    I think that it s not a sin but it s a proof of the teacher s creativity. We shoudn t be slaves if course books we have to adapt them to the needs and interests of students.in my view if we adopt course book we give no room for vreativity and innovation for teachers .Not all lessons and the instructions in the teacher s book are involving .so going beyond text books to enrich our lessons to meet our students needs and create an engaging environment for them is one of the prerequisites of our success as teachers.

  8. Chahida Nhari says:

    I would like more experienced experts in language acquisition to consult on an interesting topic . I am a high school teacher of English . I have two little sons one in the first year in primary school ,the other is in the first year of middle school.Do you think I can teach them English . By the way English is taught in our schools as a foreign language ,Arabic is the L1 and French is the first foreign language .

  9. Chahida Nhari says:

    Could students in primary and middle school learn two foreign languages at the same Time,?

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