DJ Matthew’s #ELTchat Topics for June/July 2017

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DJ Matthew’s #ELTchat Topics for June/July 2017

For the next four weeks DJ Matthew Noble will be on the 1s and 2s “spinning” the hottest teaching topics for #ELTchat Wednesdays – topics that’ll make you wanna dance (intellectually) and groove (reflectively) with your fellow teachers in the #ELTchat disco. Of course, this DJ *does* consider requests, so please keep on keepin’ on suggesting topics on the #ELTchat topics submission form!

And with no further ado, let’s get this party started!

Wednesday, June 20th:

What beliefs & behaviors have changed THE MOST over your teaching career? [complete – see summary here]

Wednesday, June 27th:

Outside 4 walls: experiences teaching in different types of classrooms (or not classrooms at all) [complete – summary link coming soon]

Wednesday, July 5th:

Chats, Hashtags, Debates, Blog Carnivals & Beyond: Appreciating what the PLN produces, imagining what more it can do

*OR topic suggested by #ELTchatters

*OFF FOR SUMMER* See you at the next #ELTchat in the fall! 🙂 


Remember: if you miss the live one-hour chats, you can always engage in the *slowburn*, a 24-hour simmer-chat following the live event. These aren’t topics that closed down after an hour; there’s always more to share. 🙂

Sincerely, your current DJ:

DJ Matthew

(on drums, before he switched to drum machines and turntables)

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