How will #Brexit affect the ELT industry? #ELTchat Summary 29/06/2016

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How will #Brexit affect the ELT industry? #ELTchat Summary 29/06/2016

How will #Brexit affect the ELT industry?

#ELTchat on 29/06/2016

  1. #ELtchat now – How will the Uk’s departure from the EU affect the EFL industry?
  2. Hi Marisa. I’m not directly concerned but sympathise with those who are. #ELTchat
  3. @GlenysHanson Hello Glenys – many of us though will be and we don’t yet quite know how #ELTchat
  4. @Marisa_C Any idea how it will affect you? #ELTchat
  5. @GlenysHanson No idea yet #eltchat – may be more people will stop going to the UK for TEFL courses because of the visas but not easy to tell
  6. I think tho that whatever change affects it will be slow motion – I don’t see anything drastic happening anhy time soon #ELTchat
  7. @Marisa_C And it may never happen. The referendum is not binding. It has to go through parliament. #ELTchat
  8. @GlenysHanson and Cameron very slyly left that to his successor – we’ll see #ELTchat
  9. @Marisa_C The result of the Greek referendum doesn’t seem to have been respected either. #ELTchat
  10. @GlenysHanson which is why in Greece we joked – “Cameron, ask Tsipras how he did it” 😀 #ELTchat But that was a force majeur from the EU
  11. Hi there. Anna from Canada joining because I want to hear more on views about #Brexit from teachers #ELTchat
  12. @Marisa_C been following news and am disturbed by the xenophobia I’ve seen – want to hear your observations for a diff perspective #ELTchat
  13. @Marisa_C @ambartosik @TESLOntario So could I. Do you think we could fool people as well politicians do? #ELTchat
  14. @ambartosik Did you read @DiLeed ‘s post? Let me find it – not pretty! #eltchat and some of the hate episodes on buses etc
  15. I read the @teflgeek response and it was disturbing, the possibilities#ELTchat
  16. @Marisa_C @DiLeed Not that one, no, but I saw the vermin references, graffiti, and some videos #ELTchat
  17. @ambartosik @teflgeek Paricularly the last sentence for you Canadians. 😉 #ELTchat
  18. @Marisa_C Oh yes,I did read that. There’s some strong research in Canada that dual literacy demonstrates long-term benefits in chil #ELTchat
  19. @Marisa_C Important to understand why. Long term unemployed, poor, elderly.Foreigners is target as source of problems. #ELTchat
  20. @GlenysHanson Same everywhere – poor low education groups tend to form such views #eltchat
  21. In Greece, for years, the target group was the Albanians, poor people who were exploited #eltchat
  22. @Marisa_C And the rich and powerful manipulate them. #ELTchat
  23. @GlenysHanson we said almost the same thing #eltchat 🙁
  24. I think most colleagues feel a little bit lost and helpless and unable to predict quite what will happen #eltchat
  25. @Marisa_C I had a student express that;he was conflicted cause he identified more w/ the dominant culture &resented it at same time #ELTchat
  26. Racism is part of all of us. As a child I believed not only people in next village were inferior but that they smelt bad too. #ELTchat
  27. @Marisa_C Will it affect ELT jobs like the other piece threatened? That is a big industry hit #ELTchat Reputation also sullied?
  28. @Marisa_C just dropping in briefly but certainly big concerns around#esol – funding and attitudes towards students too #eltchat
  29. To go forward we have to understand the dark side of ourselves and others. To go beyond the “them” and “us” mindset. #ELTchat
  30. My parents did not think that way – it was entirely invented by the village children. #ELTchat
  31. @ambartosik I think the result was a blow and a wake up call for many #eltchat I am not sure how learners will interpret it #ELTchat
  32. @Marisa_C yes – scary times. It’s not as if life was particularly easy before this #eltchat
  33. @ambartosik It’s true we are privileged so less likely adopt simplistic solutions such as racism. But Brexit not only about racism. #ELTchat
  34. @GlenysHanson Understood. But it may fan the flames of discontent & cause unexpected financial ramifications in ELT field #ELTchat
  35. Someone just tweeted the results of disrespecting that referendum #eltchat and succumbing to all EU demands …
  36. @Marisa_C Yorkshire – in an FE college. Students have finished so not talked abt it with them directly this week #eltchat
  37. @ambartosik @GlenysHanson I think a lot of jobs will be lost – cannot predict the hit to regular jobs but summer work for sure #ELTchat
  38. Do you think making it more difficult for NST to get work in EU will mean it’s easier for NNST? #ELTchat
  39. @GlenysHanson It may affect no of jobs available but it all depends on post #brexit agreements and negotiations #eltchat
  40. There is a suspense in the air as to whether #Brexit will in fact happen #eltchat – it may or may not, apparently
  41. One of the reasons I left the UK nearly 50 years ago was the dreadful food. It may be coming back. …#ELTchat
  42. Found Diarmuid’s blog post on #brexit  #Eltchat it’s not specific to teachers but interesting to read
  43. @Marisa_C @teacherdude: “It’s back to potato, cabbage lard and mutton, lads” Apparently #Brexit = blockade of UK food imports. #ELTchat
  44. @teacherdude @ambartosik @GlenysHanson Well, Greek cuisine esp up in Thessaloniki yum yum makes up for that month!!! #ELTchat
  45. @ambartosik @Marisa_C @ambartosik When I worked in Poland about 1990 the food was fab – including in the canteen – fruit soup Mmmm! #ELTchat
  46. @Marisa_C how is the situation in Greece with language schools etc? #eltchat
  47. @dianatremayne Lots of schools closing down – falling numbers of Ss – parents cannot pay – jobs lost #ELTchat
  48. School owners paying 4 or 5 euros an hour, untrained staff – more loss of course #eltchat
  49. @Marisa_C Am giving a talk to a bunch of them on Monday – I have no idea how to deal with them #ELTchat
  50. My talk “Is your school future ready?” How can it be when Ts are paid less than my cleaner? #ELTchat
  51. @Marisa_C sorry – have been teaching. Wanted to be here but will happily write summary #eltchat
  52. It seems like free movement of workers likely to be kept in any new trade deal, so UK workers in EU could be OK #eltchat
  53. Will Brexit make it more difficult for ELT publishers to be based in the UK? Other industries have spoken about moving to Europe. #ELTchat
  54. Hello everyone – we talked about the effects of #Brexit on #ELT and look forward to hearing more colleagues’ views/predictions #ELTchat
  55. @Marisa_C It is likely to have a bad effect on research as funding often linked to EU #ELTchat

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